Record Linkage Software


The Link King  v.6 5

The Link King's probabilistic record linkage protocol was adapted from the algorithm developed by MEDSTAT for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's (SAMHSA) Integrated Database Project.

Inventory Software  v.

Inventory Software effectively handles thousands of complex official data records of multiple companies in well organized format. Importing any detailed company information on tips gets easier by using Financial Accounting Management Software.


Access Record Recovery  v.2 1

Access Record Recovery Software - A well-know modality to get back data from corrupted or damaged Access database. Access record recovery software especially designed to fix corrupt Access records & recover records fields such as (Field Name,

OpenRecLink  v.1 3

A software package that implements the probabilistic record linkage technique (PRL).This will be a new, open-source, multi-platform version of the currently available program, by the same authors.OpenRecLink uses wxWidgets, Xbase and hamsterdb.

Ranch Manager Goat Edition  v.2.0

Goat record keeping software that is user-friendly and affordable.

School Management Pro  v.1.0

The School Management Software SIGMA has been developed by a leading software development company, SUNTECH Information System that has proven track record in software development for diverse needs. Because of its remarkably comprehensive features

Convert SQL Server 2005 To MySQL

MSSQL to MySQL record conversion software is easy to install utility. MSSQL to MySQL database migration software converts MSSQL database format to MySQL without loss of any information and stores that data at specified location. MSSQL to MySQL record

Breeders Assistant for Rabbits  v.

Breeders Assistant (BA) is pedigree and record keeping software for breeders of cats, dogs, horses, birds, rabbits, rats, rare breed sheep/goats/cattle and many other animals. BA comes in carefully tailored versions - e.g.

Breeders Assistant for Birds  v.4 6

Breeders Assistant for Birds (BA) is pedigree and record keeping software for bird breeders which includes such features as ability to print highly configurable pedigree forms, carry out pedigree analysis, store your breeding records and so much more

MRM  v.

MRM is a Clinical Medical Record Management Software which Designed for medical practices who find problem with maintaining their client's past medical record in their successive visits; our application will be suiting them.

ChoiceMaker  v.20100421.1900

Record matching software

Febrl  v.0.4.2

Febrl (Freely Extensible Biomedical Record Linkage) does data standardisation (segmentation and cleaning) and probabilistic record linkage ("fuzzy" matching) of one or more files or data sources which do not share a unique record key or ident

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